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Lyrics: "Love Songs of Yehuda Halevi"

Music by David Rubenstein

MP3 files of live performance by Ensemble a la Carte (Karen Judkins, flute; Kristana Johnson, oboe; Angela Murakami, clarinet; Eric Moore, horn; Robin Gelman, bassoon) and Laurie Mangold, alto.

MP3: 1) He Comes A woman eagerly awaits the arrival of her man.
MP3: 2) Sabbath, My Love Counting down the days till the arrival of the Sabbath
MP3: 3) The Mirror A woman speaks of her man, who loves himself most of all!
MP3: 4) A Love Song A woman planning seduction
Sheet Music in Scorch Format (browser plugin);

1. He Comes
He comes,
O bliss!
Fly swiftly you winds,
You flowery breezes
And tell him how long I've waited for this!
Oh Happy, that night, when sunk on your breast,
Your kisses fast falling and drunken with love,
My faith I did pledge.
Again my sweet friend
Embrace me close.
Yes heaven does bless us.
And now you have won My love without end.

2. Sabbath, My Love
I greet my love with wine and gladsome lay.
Welcome thrice welcome joyous Seventh day!
Six slaves the weekdays are.
I share a shift of toil and care.
Yet light the burdens seem.
I bear for your sweeet sake,
Sabbath my love!
On the first day to my normal task I go content no bonus ask.
Save in your smile at length, to bask
Day blessed by God Sabbath my love!
Is the second day dull?
Is the third day unbright?
Are the sun and stars hidden from the fourthday's sight?
What need I care?
I see your light.
Orb of my life,
Sabbath my love!
The fifth day, joyful tidings ring,
Tomorrow shall your freedom bring!
At dawn a slave at eve a king!
God's table waits Sabbath my love.
Sabbath my love.
On the sixth day, does my cup overflow,
what blissful rest the night shall know.
When in your arms, my toil and woe are all forgotten Sabbath my love!
So now, it's dusk, with sudden light distilled.
From one sweet face, the world is filled.
The tumult of my heart is stilled, for you have arrived Sabbath my love!
Bring fruits and wine, and sing a cheerful lay,
chant "Come in peace, oh blissful seventh day!"

3. The Mirror
Into my eyes he lovingly looked
My arms were about his neck intertwined.
And in the mirror of my eyes
What but his image did he find?
Upon my dark eyes he pressed up his lips
with breath of passion rare
The rogue! 'Twas not my eyes he kissed!
He kissed his picture mirrored there!

4. A Love Song
Do you see over my shoulders falling
Snake like ringlets waving free?
Have no fear, for they are twisted
to allure you unto me.
Thus she spoke, the gentle dove.
Listen to your plighted love.
"Oh how long I wait till my sweetheart comes back again" she said.
Laying his caressing hand under my burning head.