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Music and Lyrics: "Tale of Three Deities"

Music by David Rubenstein
Words by Barbara Kupferberg

MP3 Recording of a live performance by Harlie Sponaugle, soprano; Amy Rothstein, piano; Michael Bowyer, flute; Nancy Genovese, clarinet.

Sheet Music and parts in PDF fomat
Full Score
Clarinet in Bb
Piano with parts in small staves


Aphrodite is my name,
On a scallop shell, I came,
Apollo likes to strum his kithara,
Riding to the isle of Cythera,
While his twin, a huntress fair,
Catches moonbeams in her hair.
They're my friends, so let us meet them,
Though they tend to hide, please greet them,
What the purpose is, you ask?
Just enjoy this pleasant masque.

Where in the wood shall I wander tonight,
Where in the wild wood by Moon's glowing light,
She is my lantern, my friend and my guide,
Where shall I hunt in these woods so wide?
Who in the wild wood will hear the song,
Of my fine silver arrow, my bow bending strong,
I've only to dream and it reaches it's mark,
In the heart of my prey, in the heart of the dark.
I am called Artemis, huntress, yet caring,
All of my attributes take some comparing,
I nurture, I kill, I'm contradictory,
To quite comprehend me, 'twill be a victory.

My sister, my twin, her name is Artemis,
She roams the woods in the guise of a hunteress,
Different are we, yet close as the sides,
Of a coin or a clamshell, and just now we hide,
Back of a fan mask which we turn at our whim,
Hard to tell, if we're her or we're him.

Now to be serious, I am Apollo,
An oracle, healer and guide to the Muses,
I ride my chariot, bringing the Sun,
I think of all the gods, I have most fun.

It has occurred to me more than one time,
That gods being god-like, must think in rhyme,
Having great rhythm we swing and sway,
No one has channeled us, so who's to say ?

I love the sound of the dove on its nest,
But the song of the swan, at its end is the best,
I've taken you far, on this trip to fair Greece,
Yet allowing you comfort, and bringing you peace.
I hope you've enjoyed my beauty and theirs,
Good things come alone and also in pairs.