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Music and Lyrics: "The Song I Never Wrote"

Music by David Rubenstein
Words by Barbara Kupferberg

MP3 Recording of a live performance by E.Hope Price soprano; Gordon Roesler, tenor; Amy Rothstein, piano

Sheet Music and parts in Scorch Format (browser plugin);

You are the song I never wrote,
The poem whose words eluded me,
The sweet creation that just grew,
You are my heart's remembrance, too.

You were the fairy-tale king of my stories,
You are the one who created my world,
You are the one, You are the one,
You are the one that I turned to for succor,
When all my colorful ribbons unfurled.

Where have the days gone, the years and the moments,
Where is that look of wide-eyed delight ?
At night in my dreams, at night in my dreams,
At night in my dreams you appear as you were, dear,
All of your years still color my sight.

You held my hand, when we walked in the park, dear,
You whistled songs from a far-away land,
Now in your face, now in your face,
Now in your face I can see you remember,
You gave me your heart in the palm of your hand.

Where have the years gone, the days and the moments,
Where are the words that we never said ?
Where are the hopes, where are the hopes,
Where are the hopes and the dreams we uncovered ?
They are alive, they are alive,
They are alive, they are not dead.

Sing me a song now, sweet as tomorrow,
Let the sun rise on the start of this day.
Let us look forward to what we can share now,
That is our prospect, that is our way.

Things past support us, ally us, endear us,
Here in our faces there's love in our eyes,
Sing we, tomorrow, sing we, tomorrow,
Sing we tomorrow, our song
our song, our song of the future,
Sing we, together, a small paradise.