Creepy Horror Film

Creepy Horror Film

Stanley Roubaix wrote and directed this creepy film about a woman who just wants a warm place to sleep for the night. Actress Betty Anyika does a great job portraying a woman who walks into a house, unsuspecting that anything is amiss. However, she soon realizes that the house is a recent crime scene; someone has recently been murdered there. Over a period of time, strange happenings begin to scare her out of her wits.

I have worked with Jonathan Hawes (of One Door Films) on a number of films. He edited this film, and contacted me when he thought that it could use some original music. The music starts at time 05:40. But, Jonathan didn’t really want what I would call “music”. Instead, he wanted sound design components; eerie sounds played by organic instruments. So, I used some creepy-sounding woodwind and string section effects, that would add a touch of unease and sinister other-worldliness.



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