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Lyrics: "Jeanne La Pucelle"

Music by David Rubenstein, Words by Brent Swarthout

performed by Marilyn O'Leary (soprano), Anthony Torchia (tenor), Nikita Wells (baritone) and Jeff Jefferson (piano)
Sheet Music in Acrobat PDF format
Sheet Music in Scorch Format (free plugin, high resolution)

soprano--JoA: Joan of Arc
tenor--KoF: King of France
baritone--Pr: Prosecutor

JoA: I was just an ordinary peasant girl,
Never dreamed that I could ever change the world;
I'm not from elite, landed gentry,
I swore I'd serve both God and country,
obedient to visions from my Lord.

KoF: Half my lands were foreign occupied,
prayed for someone who could help to turn the tide,
There was no point in pretending,
not likely a miraculous ending,
Till she appeared and would not be denied.

Pr: France would soon be under our command,
what happened next is hard to understand;
she turned French fortunes ever glorious,
with battles that she led victorious
it's a shame she fell right into our hands.

All: Jeanne d'Arc you're the inspiration,
followed the call to lead a nation,
from above you were called to defend;
though some tried your talents to discredit,
left behind a people so indebted,
stayed true to your faith until the end.

Pr: Despite our thorough inquisition,
JoA: Tried for heresy in Rouen Tower
Pr: You failed to reach the right decision
JoA: Interrogations lasted endless hours
Pr: Your eternal fate rests with a higher power
JoA: My only crime is performing the mission,
dictated in my heavenly vision
KoF: Her circumstance was especially dire,
KoF, Pr: A tribunal of clergy with but one desire

Pr: Your story's such that we're now demanding,
nothing less than complete recanting,
then a purifying baptism by fire.
KoF: We were faced with total desperation,
Pr: almost complete English domination,
JoA: the Lord provided our salvation!
KoF: You've got my undying gratitude,
JoA: Though this trial has been a theatrical ruse
Pr: Despite our best we could not break her,
KoF: for a monarchy that's been renewed.
JoA: my only regret I've just one life to lose.
Pr: the time has come for her to meet her maker.

All: Above the tumult she did rise,
a troubled kingdom she did glorify.
Just when we needed perfect guidance,
He placed his angel here beside us.
He placed his angel here beside us.
He placed his angel beside us.

Pr: She had a bitter pill to swallow
JoA: made my choice of which path I would follow
KoF: We claim her as a saint most hallowed
JoA: I'm Jeanne la Pucelle, French emancipator
KoF: there'll never be another greater
Pr: I sent her off to meet with her creator

All: Jeanne d'Arc who came from Domrémy,
secured her rightful place in history,
through eternity!