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April 24, 2019
April 18, 2019

Battle of Chantilly

The Battle of Chantilly is a Civil War docudrama produced by Bert Morgan. On March 4, 2006 the premiere of the film The Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill) was shown at the Cinema Arts Theatre in Fairfax, Virginia. It was a sell-out! And I wrote the film score! You can listen to a few excerpts from the soundtrack:

Opening credits and opening scene is a dramatic beginning to this tale of an important battle during the Civil War, which took place in the heart of what is now Fairfax County.

Banjo & Fiddle: Stevens and Walcott get their bearings as they revisit the battlefield.

Skirmish accompanies the New York Highlanders who begin a skirmish, then the scene cuts to a large line-up of troops. Confederate troops wait and open up fire.

Heavy Fighting continues, including hand-to-hand combat.

A Grim Aftermath is accompanied by guitar. General Lee in his tent dictates a letter.

Monument: After dinner with Stevens and Walcott, John and Mary Ballard discuss building a monument.

Mosby's Combat Operations in Fairfax, Virginia

In this Civil War documentary produced by Chuck Mauro, six local historians take you to forty-two locations in Fairfax County where "Mosby's Rangers" conducted combat operations and describe in vivid detail what happened at each. Through on-site video, hundreds of historical photos, and an accompanying map, this documentary presents a unique visual history of the Civil War.

Opening credits and opening scene


Confederate spy, Laura Ratcliffe warns Mosby

Raid on Thompson's Corner

Spies in Crinoline

This film, produced by Bert Morgan, tells the story of a Confederate spy, Antonia Ford during the Civil War. This is a fascinating story detailed in the Encyclopedia Virginia. She lived in Fairfax City in Virginia, which passed between Union and Confederate hands a number of times. Since Ford lived in a nice house, it was often occupied by officers, who often talked freely about their plans. Ford passed on this information to Confederate officers, including John Mosby. The Union accused her of spying and sent her to prison in Washington, DC. One of her captors, Major Joseph Willard, lobbied for her release, and later married her. (This is the Willard who established the Willard Hotel in Washington DC.) So, this is not only a story about the Civil War, but also a romance between two enemies.

Notice how the main musical theme, introduced in the first "Opening Credits" excerpt, is repeated several times throughout the film. But, each time it repeats it is cast in a new light, sometimes distorted, sometimes played in a different style. I believe that this repetition helps to give an overall impression of unity in the film's score.

Canyons and Casinos

This is the first travelogue film I co-produced with Paul Silverman. The soundtrack begins with a majestic orchestral theme while viewing scenes of the Grand Canyon. In the following section, scenes of Las Vegas are accompanied by the very same melody in several jazz styles, including big-band and small ensembles. Toward the end, the scene returns to a desert memorial with orchestral accompaniment. Some very clever and subtle things going on with the music. Check it out!

Southwest Splendor

Southwest Splendor from Paul Silverman on Vimeo.

Splendrous scenes from the American Southwest are accompanied by my original sound track with western-style themes played by a large orchestra. Paul Silverman filmed the video, and David Rubenstein composed the music.

September in High Country

This is my second travelogue co-produced with Paul Silverman. A beautiful and uplifting sound track accompanies scenes from the magnificent west.