This blog contains the latest updates on my new music compositions, and comments about using music in film, theater, and video games.

Guitar Fascination

Guitar Fascination  I’ve been contributing music to a theatrical production of “Beauty and the Beast”, being produced by the fantastic Synetic Theater in Crystal City, Virginia. This piece is not as dark as some of […]

A Summer in Winterbury

A Summer in Winterbury John Romanos wrote and directed this stunning film about an elderly stranger who arrives at an isolated farm town with a brutal past. Will his lost memories be the key to […]

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast I’ve been recently composing music for a fabulous theater company: Synetic Theater. This company is producing an original, very dark version of the classic, “Beauty and the Beast.” Here I show […]

Dark Rituals

Show Reel: Dark Rituals I composed this show reel in preparation for a dark film requiring deep chants for a dramatic horror scene. What fun! Much of this music is derived from Prometheus, a new […]

Missing Pieces: In the Spaceship

Missing Pieces: In the Spaceship I composed this piece to be the background for the first scene in the visual novel project, “Missing Pieces”. The first chapter of this video game / visual novel can […]

“Unseen”: Mental Health and Depression

“Unseen”: Mental Health This short film by filmmaker Bella Glanville is about a young man who is afflicted with depression, and his girlfriend who has an eating disorder. These mental health issues are not always […]

Evolution of a Cue

Evolution of a Cue When composing music cues for a film, the director is the final arbiter for what is and what is not acceptable. He or she will usually suggest a mood, and sometimes […]

Picnic: An Allegory

Picnic: An Allegory “Picnic” was filmed 60 years ago in the Bowery in New York City, by Al Brok and Jon Laitin. It is an allegory, about the oppressors and the oppressed. A family has […]

Interactive Music in a Video Game

Interactive Music in a Video Game I’ve been working on music for a few games by the development team “QuestYard“. One of the games is called “BeeFense”, which is a tower defense game, protecting the […]

Vintage Horror: “The Morgue Party”

Vintage Horror: “The Morgue Party” Jonathan Hawes of One Door Films wrote and directed this vintage horror film. I’ve worked with Jonathan on a number of his films–he is so creative! His stories are so […]

Battling “The Boss”

Battling “The Boss” A battle against “the boss” is often an important element of adventure video games. The boss is often portrayed as a supremely powerful, aggressive, scary monstrosity. As the game player, your job […]

Greek Music

Greek Music I am trying out some ethnic instruments to compose a short demo of Greek music. First, the bouzouki is the quintessential Greek instrument, sort of a 6- or  8-string mandolin with a circular […]