Spaghetti Western

Spaghetti Western

Back in December, 2020, I composed a pair of short cues, that I labeled “Creepy Western”. Now, I have expanded one of them, that had been titled “Suspenseful Prelude”. In honor of the film for which it was originally composed, I name it “Winter Story”.

This cue makes a lot of use of the two  sample libraries, “Infinite Brass” and “Infinite Woodwinds“, developed by Aaron Venture. The cue starts out with a bass flute–an instrument with a deep, beautiful velvety sound. It is accompanied by intermittent piano, along with tremolo strings, and later by guitar and soprano (standard) flute, brass and choir, along with timpani and other percussion instruments.

My favorite part is the entrance of a piccolo trumpet. The Infinite sample libraries contain many rarely-heard instruments, such as the piccolo trumpet and the bass flute! The Infinite sample libraries allow wonderful control over the vibrato, with continuous controls over depth and frequency of the vibrato. This allows the piccolo trumpet to sing in a natural, realistic way.


Winter Story

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