Acoustic or Synthesized

Acoustic or Synthesized

While composing music for a video game, a question came up. Should the style be acoustic or synthesized? That is to say, should the instruments be standard acoustic instruments, or should all the sounds be synthesized? 

This is a common issue to all video games. Some composers decide on a hybrid approach, which is a mixture of acoustic and synthesized instruments. Here, I take a short example of a musical theme, and cast it in an acoustic style and in a synthesized style. The themes are the same, but the vastly different instrumentation requires different style.

Below are the two different version. You may notice that since these examples are short, and they are intended for a video game, they are both looped. That is to say, they are both structured so that the end of the track blends nicely into the beginning. Listen to the entire track, and notice how, at the end of the file, an auto-repeat allows an infinite loop. This feature is useful in a video game, as the game developers cannot predict how long a player will remain in a certain area, in a particular state of game play (The web-based audio player has a looping feature; unlike a video game, it has a short gap before repeating.)


Acoustic Theme


Synthesized Theme

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