Beauty and the Beast: Transformation and Dance

Several years ago, the fabulous Synetic Theater produced an original version of Beauty and the Beast. This video shows the last two scenes; in the first scene, the beast is transformed back from a beast into a prince. The music is introspective, interplaying male and female voices in a mysterious atmosphere.

Beginning at time 03:17, the second scene ends the production with a dance. The music is a sweeping orchestral waltz. The very end of the scene subsides in a decrescendo, as the lights fade out.

You can read about some of the technical details about the music on my blog post here.

"In the Name of God" recently won a "Best Music" award from the Screen Power Film Festival

Comedy / Horror: "Strings"

Caitlin Richardson of Route 78 Productions, wrote, directed and produced this short comedy/horror film, Strings. In this story, a hard worker is abused by his over-the-top terrible boss. Then he figures out how to take revenge. This is a fun silent film; the soundtrack is solely my music, consisting of piano, violin and bass. This project gave me the opportunity to compose an extremely sarcastic music score--so much fun!

WARNING: This film contains some very graphic visuals, that may be distressing. It also contains flashing strobe visuals that might cause distress. It is not for young audiences.