Hybrid Music

Cutting Corners

Cutting Corners is a documentary about contractors in Philadelphia who put profits above safety. The director, Jason Sherman, asked me to compose music in the hybrid style of the movie "Social Media". Here are some selections from the movie.

Limits of Therapy

Limits of Therapy is a fantasy about a woman therapist working with a troubled man on three levels of reality. Some of the tracks are preceded by a 15-second introductory sound effect.

Phantom of the Opera

I composed music selections for a theatrical production of the supernatural classic Phantom of the Opera at Synetic Theater. The moods evoked by the story are dark, intense, mysterious, foreboding, and threatening.
The videos here are excerpts from this magical production, presented entirely without dialog!

Beauty and the Beast

Several years ago, the fabulous Synetic Theater produced an original version of Beauty and the Beast. This video shows the last two scenes; in the first scene, the beast is transformed back from a beast into a prince. The music is introspective, interplaying male and female voices in a mysterious atmosphere.

Thie music is in a hybrid style from the beginning up to time 03:17.. After that, the second scene ends the production with a dance. The music is a sweeping orchestral waltz. The very end of the scene subsides in a decrescendo, as the lights fade out.

You can read about some of the technical details about the music on my blog post here.