Teaser for a Visual Novel

Teaser for a Visual Novel

In my previous post, I showed how I composed and produced the music for a trailer for the visual novel, “Missing Pieces”. Here I show another trailer–actually, a teaser, which a colleague put together using my music.

Again, I’ve been working with a wonderful co-op video game development team called Questyard. The team is building several video games; the most challenging game is actually a visual novel, called Missing Pieces. Visual novels combine text, artwork, and music to produce a semi-interactive story. The reader is presented with choices, to direct how the story will proceed. Our visual novel also contains a set of mini-games and puzzles that follow the themes in the story.

Missing Pieces is a story-driven adventure in a vibrant alien world, full of hidden secrets, a plethora of languages and a sparkling cast of characters: lovable rogues, heartbroken families, and questionable allies. By following along the story, you can find friendship and love, learn about yourself and discover who you really are!

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