Video Games

For the Global Game Jam in January, 2022, I contributed music tracks to the game “DualKitty”. From my blog post DualKitty, you can see all the details, and even play the game!

That Retro Guy -- Throwback Studios

I am scoring a set of Machinima videos, that were produced with the Grand Theft Auto-5 game engine. The music scores include a variety of styles, including rock with heavy guitar, saxophone and drums, orchestral, big band, jazz guitar, Chinese-style, Italian-style, and vocals.

Episode 5

This episode is finished and uploaded for public viewing!

0:08 – 1:10 Suspenseful jazz style, with main theme played by sax and muted trumpet.
1:11 – 1:40 Jazz with duet played by jazz guitar and sax.
1:41 – 3:10 Jazz with percussion, sax, upright bass and electric guitar
3:50 – 4:59 Suspenseful jazz with guitar, brass, sax
5:00 – 5:13 Orchestral hits synchronized with explosions
5:15 – 6:00 Action scene with percussion and orchestra
6:03 – 7:03 Percussion and organ playing fast almost atonal theme
7:05 – 7:27 Suspenseful underscore
7:28 – 8:42 Rock theme played with electric guitar and sax duet accompanied by percussion

Episode 6

There are many styles in the music score. For example, 0:05 to 2:40, and during the closing credits and outro from 9:56 to 12:05, the music has a “detective thriller” atmosphere. Then, from 2:40 to 3:58, Chinese instruments are used to generate a Chinese style of music. There is also a piece of diegetic music at about 3:25 that I produced, and processed to make it sound like it is played through a radio. From about 5:22 to 7:40 is an exciting track that is loosely based on a 3-Act trailer score. From 7:55 to 9:10, a big band plays a rock tune, in contrast to the gruesome interrogation violence. From 9:18 to 9:45 there is a low-key tension-building cue.

Episode 1

0:00 – 0:39 Suspenseful music
0:42 – 1:12 Diegetic music that the director supplied, and wants to be retained in the video.
1:13 – 2:18 Suspenseful music with the main theme played by a sax and then by a muted trumpet.
2:18 – 3:23 Suspenseful underscore
3:23 – 4:16 Return of the main motif, played repeatedly by an electric guitar.
4:17 – 5:02 Percussion, then supplemented by sax playing a motif.
5:03 – 6:40 Electric guitar playing a soulful riff,.
7:01 – 8:06 Guitar duet playing Italian-style music
8:07 – 10:00 Soulful jazz band with background vocals.
10:01 – 11:12 Cinematic suspenseful music with background vocals.