In the Name of God

In the Name of God

I have been working with two wonderful filmmakers at the London-based  G22 Studios; Stephen Noorshargh and Sulymaan Hameed. They filmed a 22-minute, beautiful tale of morality titled “In the Name of God”. In this story, a pious woodcutter learns of a group of heathens who worship a tree. Intending to cut down the tree, the devil intervenes. The film is wonderfully atmospheric, and evokes a story from a distant time and place.

Stephen and Sully asked me to compose an evocative film score, with exotic music that would help set the stage for the story. They developed a film that may someday become a short-film classic. The film is about to go on the festival circuit. After the film was finished, they used one of the tracks that I composed to underscore their film trailer. 


In the Name of God Trailer from G22 Studios on Vimeo.

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